04. Amenities


The amenity collection at 950 Tennessee is founded around connection and community. The building entry is securely set beside an open plaza and pedestrian space. This leads to a proper lobby highlighted by a signature art installation by Hvass & Hannibal. In the center of the building is a communal courtyard with lush landscaping and organic nooks. Above, an open-air rooftop retreat awaits; overlooking the city skyline, this space offers social seating areas, a fire pit and an al fresco dining area with grills.

Hvass & Hannibal Studio

The unique artwork commissioned for the lobby space is the work of Hvass & Hannibal, a design duo based in Copenhagen who work in mixed media — merging analog and digital techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

“The concept for the image was to use large hand

painted brushstrokes that were then treated digitally

and mixed with illustrative elements to offer a

glimpse into an abstract landscape. Adding to the
notion of contrast, the two halves of the images are
light and dark, representing day and night.”
Lobby Open-Air Rooftop Retreat
Lobby Lobby with an Art Installation by Hvass & Hannibal
Lobby Building Entry with an Open Plaza and Pedestrian Space
Lobby Communal Courtyard with Lush Landscaping and Organic Nooks
Lobby Dog Wash