Participating Lenders

We have carefully researched available lenders and developed relationships with some of the most dedicated, competitive lenders available. You are not required to finance with one of these lenders but having worked with them in the past; we believe they fully understand our process and procedures. Before purchasing a home at 950 Tennessee, we require you get pre-approved. This pre-approval is not a commitment to lend and when you are ready to move forward you may use the lender of your choice to finance your new home.


CHRIS NOCETI Sales Lending Manager NMLSR ID 360753 415-746-0733
MATTHEW NGUYEN Home Lending Officer NMLSR ID 694436 510-220-7377


Cherolynn Vila Sr. Home Lending Advisor NMLSR ID 554826 925-997-3652
Jason Chapin Sr. Home Lending Advisor NMLSR ID 461812 415-420-1143


Cristian Connelly VP Retail Sales Manager NMLSR ID 482409 415-309-1419
Kiki Theodorides Senior Lending Officer NMLSR ID 482411 650-449-4374

Wells Fargo

Eun Jeong (Grace) Eom Home Mortgage Consultant NMLSR ID 450277 415-810-1699
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